Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits

Nina Katchadourian whiles away long plane journeys by locking herself in the lavatory and pretending to be a 15th century Dutch painting. The project began spontaneously on a flight in March 2010 and is ongoing…



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  1. Hehe. Cool

  2. So creative! Love it!

  3. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:
    I would like to see the whole crew of a ‘plane portray The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild:
    Sincerely yours,
    Caleb Boone.

  4. These are perfect. Wonderful!

  5. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Brilliant !

  7. hehe…Woody WoodPecker…

  8. I completely endorse this artful self-portraiture. Very reminiscent of the Utrecht painters of the Dutch golden age. Bravo.

  9. Wait. Where do you get a red seamless backdrop on a plane? Oh. The blankets. Come to think of it, as Hunter Thompson once wrote, “There is only one way to get your whole arm dyed blue on an airplane.”

  10. I love this woman as only another knee slapper can. God this is so good!

  11. If I could be a fly on the lavatory wall.

  12. Glad I am not waiting for the loo on the same flight as her :-(

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