28 thoughts on “Teens Who Had THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!”

  1. Jeez, some parents totally suck, these poor kids clearly made it clear what they needed, some people don’t deserve to have children!!!

  2. This is the future people. These whiny, entitled. self absorbed, narcissistic little snot rags will run the world someday. Guess not much is gonna change.

  3. Santa can be cruel. Just look at these kids’ parents, poor things. The only thing they asked for was Durex.

  4. Great idea: Never give any of these self-entitled kids any sort of non-essential present ever again.
    If my kid bitched that I didn’t buy him a thousand dollar phone then he’d be getting socks for Christmas for the rest of his life. Oh, you wanted a PS5? F-you, here’s a tie. Wear to your job interview.

  5. I dont think all of these are real. Some just look like pranks to be funny, following a typical meme. For those that ARE real… yeah, hello future adults, enjoy the real world.

  6. Jerry Maguire: Yeah, yeah, no, no, no. Show you the money.
    Rod Tidwell: No! Not show you! Show me the money!

  7. Ungrateful
    Though that girl shouldn’t have to wrap her mum’s friends gifts she don’t need to be so rude about it

  8. seems to me that the ones after iPhones have some kind of syndrome. hoping that a lot of these are jk

  9. Most of them are being ungrateful but I would be a little upset if I got a heart shaped basket for Christmas. Wouldn’t tweet about it, but wouldn’t be thrilled or anything.

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