5 thoughts on “Welcome to Parenthood”

  1. @Tea agree 100%, except the “Miley was on TV” kid that’s a completely reasonable response to Miley Cyrus. I do it myself…

  2. Tea. That is child abuse. You should feel bad. Very very bad. Bad person. Clearly the way to do it is slap the parents. It isn’t their fault it’s how they were raised. I’m sure your child would act the same…

  3. Wow. Just wow.

    Hopefully, the people posting here don’t have children or parents.

    Anywho, I could relate personally, both from the point of view of the parents and the kids. We’ve all have our own “last cheerio” that won’t get on the spoon in our lives. Some of us are just a little more honest about it.

    Now excuse me while I go on another crying jag.

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