Japanese Lingerie Company Launches Line of Lace Boxer Briefs For Men

Japanese lingerie manufacturer Wacoal recently launched a line of lace boxer briefs for men that are said to be both beautiful and functional. Lace lingerie doesn’t sound like the most masculine thing ever, but Wacoal didn’t just jump into this project blindly. In November of last year, they tested the waters of this ultra-niche market by offering the Lace Boxer on Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake. The company knew it had a winner on its hands when its product smashed its modest crowdfunding goal of 300,000 yen ($2,627.87) by 1,090 percent, earning about 3.27 million yen ($28,578.92) in pledges. The Lace Boxer went straight into production, and now Wacoal offers an entire line that consists of seven colors.

Lace boxer briefs for men.

The company claims that Lace boxers have the same durability as regular men’s boxer shorts, because Wacoal modified the fabric, making it stronger and stretchier, although you couldn’t really tell by the floral motifs that decorate the underwear. Would you wear these or is it just too weird? Or maybe you are afraid? So… Are you man enough to fill these boxer briefs? Let us know in the comments!

Lace boxer briefs for men.

Lace boxer briefs for men.

Lace boxer briefs for men.

So where to get this weird fashion statement? We were not able to find them anywhere in Europe or USA, but you can order some from Wacoal store or Japanese Amazon. It will set you back 3,960 yen (about $35) per pair.

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  1. I don’t care what the rest of these douche bags are saying on here…..as a woman, these look HOT.

  2. The model is so cute! Lecker anzuschauen .
    Aber in Japan gibts bei allen BHs
    Pusheinlagen ,dann wohl auch bei Herrenslips?

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