“Very Finnish Problems” Twitter Account Is Brilliant!

You might have heard that Finland is the happiest country on Earth. The U.N.’s World Happiness Report gave it top honors for health, income and social support for the sixth straight year. But it’s not easy being Finnish. Actually, it’s quite complicated and challenging. The daily struggles people from Finalnd are truly enormous. Scroll down to read some of the worst of very Finnish problems collected by @VeryFinnishProblems Twitter account!

Handy guide for anyone coming to visit any time between Oct and May.

That spring sunshine just hits different

The trial and tribulations of Finnish park rangers

A simple guide to elevator etiquette

The joys of being Sweden

Who says sweets need to be colourful

Because winter means it's hibernation time

20 for the price of 1. What a bargain

"Snow forecast for the next 8 days"

Be careful out there

Forget the dots at your peril

Finns: "Please don't crowd my personal space" Also Finns:

A rare Nokian fossil from the Myspacian Period

Social distancing world champions in action

How to scare your Finnish friends this Halloween

Oh deer! Criminals are in for a rudolph awakening

Hurrah! Now we only need to wear two layers of clothing

And that was on a good day…

The cutest "nope" you'll see today

For those of you wondering how Finland got its name

Because sauna is art

A simple guide to Finnish small talk. You’re welcome

4 thoughts on ““Very Finnish Problems” Twitter Account Is Brilliant!”

  1. About that police reindeer: if they give chase, does the cop have to slap a twirly light on its head?

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