17 thoughts on “People Who Don’t Know How to Spell “Cologne” Are Hilarious”

  1. Perhaps more women into ‘brown showers’ than I imagined? If not then they’d say ‘after shave’ wouldn’t they?

  2. I bet autocorrect has something to do with this. Otherwise they would not all misspell it in the exact same way.

  3. Mmm yes you I got ur bf a new intestine wow amazing lol grammars pplses
    (I did that on purpose btw)

  4. I like how the anonymous cowards are the ones who are talking about how much they hate democrats and atheists in here, but anyone who brings up Trumpanzees has the stones to actually give themselves a name. Goes to show how spineless the Right is, I guess.

  5. Edit to the above: Correction, looks like anyone who talks politics doesn’t have the stones to give themselves a name. How very brave, bet your moms are very proud of you all.


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