14 thoughts on “The Funniest Tweets by Teachers”

  1. These are AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks for the laughs. I give each and every teacher all the credit I the world. God bless you all!!!!!!

  2. My dog actually did eat a whole class of unmarked homework.
    I had marked off those who had submitted the assignment, so gave them all a B. 😄

  3. I’ve always pictured teachers at home with a whiskey in one hand, a stack of papers to grade, and muttering, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?” as they wonder what the hell they were thinking going in to teaching.

  4. I had a student tell me “Oops I farted” I said don’t worry about it, just say excuse me. I leaned in close and said, “It’s ok, I’ve been doing it all day” she says “Oh, it wasn’t me then”.

  5. We used to have a bunny that would nibble the edges off of students’ papers. They looked forward to seeing if their work had a “bunny bite”.

  6. Way back in the stone age I was at Uni. The lecturer was using an overhead projector (google it kids) to show the lecture notes on the screen. He puts up the first one announcing that it also demonstrated the new marking system. His child had gotten a set of stamps and stamped all over it. We put in a compliant when our next assignment was not returned with stamps on it. WE WANTED TO HAVE STAMPS!!!!!!

  7. Theatrically years back I did some childrens theater where we were the Mickey Mouse club. I was Jimmy (the recognized leader and older) when the director tried and tried to get quiet to explain something, I just said “Hi Mouseketeers” they all responded “Hi Jimmy!” then we had silence and the director could talk.

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