5 thoughts on “The Cutest Cat Adoption Story”

  1. This is beautiful, the last post had me balling from the adorable position Socks was in… and, yes, I realize I’m almost 2/3 years late.

  2. I have a heartwarming story that actually happened to me:
    In the sewers, there was a drawer with three kittens in it. Their mom abandoned them, and they haven’t eaten for over a week! Two were already dead, but one was alive. He was squirming and mewing. Me and my grandpa fed him. First we thought he was dead. I cried. But then he swallowed the milk we gave him and opened his cute green eyes! I named him Black Milk because he was black and drank milk. He was so weak we had to pour the milk into his mouth, but it was worth it. He turned from a black half-lifeless lump to a cute kitten that looked really alive. The next day, some kind people took him. Now he is getting care.

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