10 thoughts on “Millennial Anti-Theft Device”

  1. LOL! I saw this and almost spit coffee on my keyboard. I actually had the tech at Costco ask me to pull my car into the bay, because no one in the tire shop could “drive a stick.”

  2. If the automotive industry wasn’t refusing to build vehicles with standard transmissions, and if the dealers would order more, and if people would put a little effort out to learn standard… We were LUCKY that there was a standard version of the car I was interested in on the Mazda lot when we got my current car.

    Also, Anonymous above: You’re talking about Costco! That’s the real problem. Pull into a proper automotive workshop and they’ll have no problems.

  3. As if millennials are to blame. It’s their parents that are to blame for not teaching them.

  4. As a millennial, I can drive that. I can steal it with no key too. I’d say “traumatic childhood” but it’d be taken the wrong way. Mine just involved a cruel father who happened to be an auto mechanic.

    So, jokes on jeep. I could steal that perfectly fine in less than a minute & drive with with no issues. What that should read is “A large majority of the US driving population anti theft device” as the flip side is, anyone from outside the US could drive that fine, all the way down to kids learning to drive now. Europe, UK, Australia….. they all think Manuals are stupid & it’s very difficult to get a manual car.

  5. Well, millenial goes to the 1980s.. So as a millenial it makes no sense at all. I saw a lot of gen x and boomers not knowing how to drive h shifter. I understand gen z but that is… A lie. And, depends on the country too. Maybe true in the usa.

  6. My dad refused to teach all of his children to drive unless we agreed to learn on his 1960-ish VW Beetle. (Yes, the one with the running boards!) We had to learn to change a tire, too. I will always remember the sheer terror of passing a tractor-trailer on a 55 mph, two-lane, twisty road. “You’ve got to get right up in his tailpipe.” He was a great dad. I miss him. 🥲

  7. As a BOOMER with a single mother, I had no one to teach me but me and I could drive anything on the road from the time I was 12 yrs old.

  8. I was taught to drive a stick on a VERY steep hill by my Dad. He said ” your gonna learn real fast how to use a clutch babe.” Still have a ’52 VW, A ’69 squareback V.W. and a 99 Jeep…..love em all💝

  9. Millenials are also the Fast and Furious crowd who drove cheap sub-compacts cars that either only came in stick or were the base trim with stick. But ok boomer.

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