24 thoughts on “Shaved Alpacas For Your Viewing Pleasure”

  1. Hard to see that this is beautiful. The animal in its natural state is beautiful. This looks sad and ridiculous.

  2. Choral Eddie, in their natural state they would suffer without shearing…. Shearing is important as an animal welfare issue as alpacas do not shed their fleece. They have an exceptionally thermal fleece, and will overheat in summer if their fleece is not regularly removed – most alpacas need to be shorn annually.

  3. Peter, your comment has no ‘due respect’ in it. I bet you might have been ignorant of a particular topic. Would you want comments like yours to be shared by a stranger? Better to help educate with kindness than call people names lest you look in the mirror and see your own errors.

  4. As an alpaca farmer, I have to say I find some of these cuts potentially detrimental , not to mention embarrassing. We shear our pacas and our llamas in the spring so they are cooler through the summer months and less prone to heat stress. Leaving large patches of fiber to emulate dinosaur plates, poodle rolls and such contradicts the purpose shearing. Such cuts would tend to promote overheating, which is not in the best interest of the animals or the owners.

  5. I I like the comment of Anon. On nov22. Having a voice of authority speak provides my needed perspective. So if they are residing in a all round cold climate, shearing would not be advisable?
    What would replace the shearing factor if they were caring for themselves in the wild?

  6. Shearing is necessary and maybe these pictures were taken in an attempt to be cute and funny but they failed. I usually can laugh at most anything that is not distasteful or insulting to someone else yet I am not finding this particularly funny since there is no context. Something like “oh, we decided to have some fun while shearing our herd here are some pics before the whole wool goes” would have helped. OK the one with the Bieber hair cut passes, the black one, is somewhat artistic the rest well ridiculous looking and if the alpacas had self-esteem, they would probably be destroyed after one look in the mirror. … I just noticed this page is called Sad and Useless so never mind everything I just typed and why do I even have an opinion on alpaca haircuts? There’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back!

  7. C’mon. Look into their eyes. They know they look cool. They are totally into it.

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