Meanwhile On Etsy: Creepy Lifelike Baby Dolls

These things are called “Reborns”: dolls that are made to look as realistic as possible. There seems to be a huge supply available on Etsy. Featured below are few of my favorites.

Elyse by LaylasSpot

DIY Beginner Kit by dazzlingdollsupplies

Garrett by Reborndolls4u

Graham by JVMSART

Katie by JunebirdNursery

Coco-Malu by sewbuzyb

Cindy by JunebirdNursery

Devon by JVMSART

Sleepy Infant by TheBabyLoveNursery


Custom Doll by SaraJanesDreamBabies

Leah by RoyalRebornNursery

Juliet by BevsRebornNursery

Scarlett by PerfectBlissNursery

Buttercup by sewbuzyb

8 thoughts on “Meanwhile On Etsy: Creepy Lifelike Baby Dolls”

  1. Ella…seriously?! I LOVE reborn dolls when they are cute. But the dolls in these pictures are SUPER CREEPY because of the way that they are sculpted, painted, and posed. Yikes!!

  2. I’ve seen some really cute ones that have fooled me into thinking they’re real. These ones are “off” in their features and proportions.
    “Garrett’s” image is used in a story about a couple who have their newborn whisked away to have tests done. When the mom sneaks to see her baby, she screams and wants to know what’s wrong and why he looks like “that!” Rare hair disease the doctor finally reveals. 😂
    The story sounded as fake as this baby looks, so in a Google search for the image, I landed here. Lo’ and behold, he’s a ‘reborn’ with creepy features and wiry hair. 😂

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