13 thoughts on “Proof That Dogs Are As Evil As Cats”

  1. When I was younger my friend’s dog ate her homework and she brought in the pieces as proof.
    The teacher wasn’t very happy.
    DOGS ARE 1000000000000000000 TIMES BETTER THAN CATS.
    – Owner of both a cat and a dog.

  2. cats and dogs are evil how do i know this i looked on you tube it was scientifically proven that dogs only care for food they have no interest in friendship they are deceptive like demonsif you feed them they decieve you making you think they all lovable all that shit and the minute you croak they will eat you alive cats are just as evil as well they as just as bad as dogs if you don’t believe me look at youtube

  3. rosethorne234, YouTube is not everything, actually do research like i did. cats are better than dogs according to science. cats only scratch furniture because they don’t want their claws to die out. so cats aren’t evil. and yes you are right, dogs only care about food, they also lick you because they know we have bones inside of us. but they are basically equal.

  4. that is not right dogs love us and i know that because even if i did not give her food she loved me


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