17 thoughts on “The Funniest Passive-Aggressive Signs”

  1. I once worked at a supermarket in which the break room had a sign that said, “Your mother doesn’t work here. Please clean up after yourself.” Funny thing was, my mother DID also work there. I tried to convince her that the sign implied she should clean up after me, but she didn’t buy it. :-)

  2. Theologically, I don’t understand the confessional note. Isn’t the point of confessing sin that you understand why you did them? I mean, I get that time is short so the priest doesn’t want to hear excuses, but I would assume the confessional isn’t just a buffet menu of One X = Three Hail Marys; Two Ys = Six Hail Marys and a side of penitent acts.
    Sorry. Just seems a sad misunderstanding of why God wants you to make an account of your actions in the first place, made worse by a priest who hasn’t got time for you.

  3. @Not RC: No, speaking as a former Catholic, the point of confession is just to find out how many of which prayers your sins are worth, so you can recite them to avoid going to hell.

  4. Back in the 90’s, while contracting at a very big company, the sign stating lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part was posted in the area where you got your security badge. I could completely envision the type of high maintenance prima donnas this was meant for, but I doubt they would feel any remorse for the attitude.

  5. Sexist one? Which one – weight girl, implied wimpy guy, Yelp Guy, old lady garden, or your mother? Are the ones that are ageist, elitist, and/or theologist OK? I guess it’s up to you to decide if you find the statement offensive to yourself or others.

  6. If you can’t find a reason to declare that all of these are sexist, you’re just not trying hard enough.

  7. Regarding short confessions, it’s not a counseling session. If that’s what you need, you make an appointment to talk to a priest outside the confessional. The point is that you don’t hold up a long line of penitents by having a long discussion about your motives. “I got mad at my boyfriend and keyed his car” is fine. “My boyfriend made me mad by flirting with some girl right in front of me, and I’ve always had insecurities because I had a lot of childhood trauma, and I went off my meds for Borderline–and it all just got to me and I keyed his car” is not fine.

  8. I read back through to try to find the one someone thought was sexist.
    I’m convinced it’s the one about construction being annoying.
    A Karen saw the word ‘annoying’ and thought it was directed at her. So telling.

  9. What’s the point of a confessional If it’s not similar to a counselling session? Asking as a non-religious person. Seems stupid to just say “forgive me father….I diddled some kids”. “6 Hail Marys for you, next!”.

  10. I wish I had grown up Catholic instead of Baptist. It would have been so much better knowing that you could confess, pay a little to the church, and be ready for heaven instead of being told you were going to burn in hell for doing that.

  11. It’s amazing how many people haven’t figured out religion yet. All religions, without exception, are cults designed to control the gullible.


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