Funny Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Canada

Most of the world associate Canada with maple syrup, niceness, and more maple syrup. But the truth is… not that different, actually. Scroll down to see for yourself!

Only in Canada...


Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...

Only in Canada...



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  1. Anonymous August 12, 2019

    Now show how much they drink.

  2. Anonymous August 12, 2019

    I met 3 Canadians while bumming around europe in 1970s, and we traveled together through Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Everywhere we went, we ran into loud, belligerent Americans, but once we encountered a drunk, obnoxious Canadian who droned on and on about the odd drinking laws in parts of Canada. I was so grateful to her for demonstrating that, though most Canadians are as nice as this article indicates, every country has its share of drunks and jerks.

  3. Anonymous August 12, 2019

    Funny, eh?

  4. Anonymous August 12, 2019

    I’m from North Dakota. They, because of their weather and isolation, are as nice and polite as any Canadian. In fact, I’m often confused with being a Canadian! Love both places…

  5. Anonymous August 13, 2019

    Never let a Pegger pooch your biscuit, eh.

  6. that american cousin August 13, 2019

    If you think Canadians are nice, you’re not paying attention.

  7. nothing special August 13, 2019

    Canada only seems nice because its right next door to “a shithole country”

  8. RandominJapan August 13, 2019

    Most Canadians I’ve met have been wonderful. Except for that Native Canadian guy I met in the Army. He was worthless.

  9. michael August 13, 2019

    Just another reason to adore Canada and Canadians.
    Michael, Australia.

  10. Carol August 14, 2019

    Nothing Special~ and just what “shithole country ” would that be? As a Canadaian/American, I must say my piece. We Americans are justifiably terrified of our lead nitwit. He and his minions are into every crevice. Our leaders are trying to unite us, one and all. But we are United.
    I was pleasantly surprised the weekend Dayton and el Paso faced their worst. Everywhere I went, so many places, Vancouver To Portland, around and back. It was the same. We were United in grief. All along the internet that Saturday, it was so quiet. It was the same way as when my Dad died. We are trying to do better as our leaders but every some they can find. The more he shows his true intentions, the closer we get. A complete takeover, without a shot fired? The only places left to go….who knows. We are not the only ones. Please if you support Trump in any way? Slap yourself! Get a grip. Do we need help? Maybe, but not this moment. What we need now is for y’all to be very careful in your voting. Ask your Government to please know, neighbor? You gonna be around? Might get ugly.
    Tighten your banks etc. Feel free to share. I have never, even with Nixon, felt this uneasy. Teach your children to go to a safe place where you all can meet quickly. Maybe I shouldn’t be speaking I’ll of some folk. Its astounding! Peeled eyes my 1/4, blood kin. In the meantime. If you need anything!?

  11. Metin August 14, 2019

    But they know how to destroy forests for gold mining / seeking in Turkey!

  12. Anonymous August 14, 2019

    Carol, move to Canada please!

  13. Anonymous August 14, 2019

    Canada is the “Fredo” of the American-Canadian brotherhood.

  14. Anonymous August 15, 2019

    Canada is not Fredo. Tom Hagen, maybe…

  15. Anonymous August 16, 2019

    loved it!

  16. ThaDood August 17, 2019

    I miss going to the Land Of P.O.O. (Province Of Ontario). Always had fun up there. If you ever get to Toronto, definitely check out the CN Tower on a clear night.

  17. Jeff August 20, 2019

    Carol, please speak for yourself. If you’re terrified, move to Canadia.

    Also, Canadians driving on US roads aren’t so polite. And people from Alberta should not be allowed to drive.

  18. Anonymous September 5, 2019

    The dumb-as-craps of this country want to blame others for the problems they caused by themselves. Now they want to criticize the new guy, shifting the blame to him for what they are now reaping of the seed they sowed. Support the man who’s trying to clean out the mess from the barnyard the D’s created! Obama caused the poop problem in San Francisco and elsewhere! He did it by devaluing the dollar when he doubled government spending which caused a tragic burden on the vulnerable! What Obama did to the country amounted to a huge tax on the poor and middle classes!

  19. Anonymous September 5, 2019

    Whiners expect everything handed to them as they think they’re entitled to have what others worked for. Whine because you dont have it. Why not kick, scream, and squawl on the floor like a spoiled brat, whining ‘i want that, waaaah!

  20. Thomas James September 12, 2019

    What Obama did was move the U.S. into the 21 century. Trump is idiotically attempting to take the U.S. back to the dark ages of slave labor, no human or environmental protections, wanton and rabid rape of the land and all the petroleum, stone and metal below it. Trump is moron, with no diplomatic, military, economic, financial or social skills or knowledge. You can support this guy, but you are on your own Mr. “So Brave” Anonymous. You do realize that Trumps tax cuts TO THE RICH, are nothing short of highway robbery. Yup he is a real stand up guy – stealing from the poor and middle class (as well as, all Americans), to MAKE the ultra rich Americas really, really RICH … AGAIN! Furthermore, under Trump your national debt has RAPIDLY EXPANDED to the point where American debt represents 110% of your GDP. Canada’s – not a socialist but liberal democracy – our debt is 85% of the GDP and guess what as citizens of your “dumb-as-craps of a country”, we have a national health care program (I just had shoulder replacement surgery and it cost me $7.50 for a sterile scrub to shower with before I went to the hospital – just to be clear Mr. Anonymous, the same surgery in the US would cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars), welfare, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, seniors services and wide variety of subsidized and/or social and educational programs that target the poor, the homeless, children, the sick and the old, and the infirm. Moreover, we do this with 1/10th the American population – yes folks, Canada has 37 million people and we are able to manage a well-developed and responsive social safety net. What has Trump actually done for you and your other 330,000,000 American compatriots? Increase taxes to the middle and lower classes and cut social services and programs. He is not just cutting back government, he is decimating the government infrastructure that is designed to be inclusive and to not marginalize or victimize the victims of Trump’s retarded policies (if they can be called that) but also to protect the American public from “so called” leaders who are colluding criminals and to prevent them from damaging America through power and fear mongering! The Dems may have had a hand in creating the barn yard, but I am relieved that that is where we will find you wallowing in the mud, rather than the sewer and shit hole that Trump has created for you to commemorate the day “The Donald” became the “chosen one” AND the “King of Jews”. Please do stay in the barn yard, or move to Gehenna where you belong!

  21. Bud September 13, 2019

    Trump will step down 20 January 2025. That is all. You may go back to eating your paste and trying to color inside the lines.

  22. Charles Apostolik September 15, 2019

    to “Anonymous August 12, 2019:”
    The proper name for North Dakota is Baja Canada, is it not?

  23. He Who Must Not Be Named September 18, 2019

    i went to canada, and the back window of my car was smashed. all they took was snacks

  24. Robbe September 22, 2019

    Thomas James’ screed contains not only grammatical and syntax errors but wholly false ‘facts ‘.
    Ask any lower/middle class American which way their taxes went. If they can multiply the increased net pay by 12, then subtract the reduction in the usual tax refund (because the withholding tax was much less)….
    Who is this guy?

  25. Jaelyn September 23, 2019

    Robbe, where are all the grammatical errors of which you speak? By the way, saying “grammatical and syntax errors” is redundant. I am a middle class American, and my taxes have not been cut. You should educate yourself on the truth. The piece of feces in the White House is slowly destroying the democracy. He is a racist, misogynist, narcissist, and delusional spoiled idiot. Those are the facts.

  26. Amonymouns September 29, 2019

    Wait, isn’t our president Thomas Dewey?

  27. Anonymous September 30, 2019

    Well, you can tell who the Canadians are on here…

  28. Anonymous October 22, 2019

    Hello Anonymouses, i’m Anonymous.

  29. nick November 15, 2019

    Canadians make the colour grey seem psychedelic.

  30. Anonymous November 15, 2019

    The physics picture about a puck and octopus is from Detroit, not Canada.

  31. Larue Michaud November 16, 2019

    I think I love you, Thomas James.

  32. Anonymous November 16, 2019

    Every country has it’s share of idiots. For the Canadian ones, may I say “sorry”

  33. Anonymous November 17, 2019

    Robbe: Lower and middle class taxes have most definitely NOT gone down. As someone from the middle class, I can assure you that Trump’s tax cuts only benefited corporations and the rich.

  34. Anonymous November 20, 2019

    There were MANY things in these paragraphs that made me laugh out loud – even guffaw to myself. My mom was from London, I was born there, thus my sense of humori guess

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