18 thoughts on “Awkward Instagram Beauty Trend: Nostril Hair Extensions”

  1. You just know all these instagram obsessed losers will end up living sad lives burdened by crippling debt. I’m sure the ones giving this a thumbs are exactly the ones who are burdened by debt and think a thumbs down will make them feel better about their sad reality. The smart ones will give me a thumbs up.

  2. @Slater lol Totally, silly girls ending up with some ugly old dude to take care of them because they can’t do it on their own.

  3. Couple of weeks ago the klingon eyebrows, now these yak spiders in the nose. Whats wrong with these persons?

  4. Maybe they’ll be sorry once people back away b/c they think that something is coming out of their noses.

  5. CAUTION: Wear safety glasses when undressing these ladies! If this is what you see on the visible spots, I fear what’s growing on the hidden ones.

  6. Obviously, one dumbass didn’t know how to use false eyelashes and quickly got a dumbass following. This generation is really screaming for any type of attention. Pity them.

  7. It’s called a joke you sour idiots, people take the piss on ‘trends’ to get views, which is works 🤷‍♀️

  8. The duck faces…It’S nOt RigHt tHe DuCk FaCes iTs NOt RigHt PLEas MaKe It StOp NooOoOOo

  9. I’ve got it naturally…thick/coarse, some white, some nearly an inch long. If not trimmed, they look like spider legs hanging out of my nose.

  10. WARNING: If you read this comment, you will die in seven days! Share this comment so you don’t die as well!

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