The Funniest Reactions To 2018 Midterm Elections

As you can see below, people all across the US have, well, let’s say “mixed feelings” about midterm elections. Politics is always a heated topic, but hopefully no matter our views, we can all unite around these hilarious reactions.

Grab em by the midterms!


Me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018.

Me watching the US go to the polls...

Look what happened the last time you didn't vote.

Don't forget to exercise your power tomorrow, mamas!

Know your parasites before you vote today.

I've had it!

I predict that zero babies will be born 9 months from tonight.

I predict that no matter what happens on Tuesday and Wednesday, 35% of the people will be ecstatic, 35% of the people will be angry, and 30% of the people will be keeping up with the Kardashians.

Congratulations to Republicans for controlling something that's not a woman's body.

Me voting in 2016 vs. me voting in 2018.

Waiting for election results is like waiting for a grade on a group project. I know I did my shit right, but I'm scared y'all screwed it up.

Brace yourselves...

For the love of me...

Me going to the polls in 2016 vs me going to the polls in 2018.

I hate Trump more than I hate crowds.

Voting: 100% more effective than complaining on the internet.

Me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018.

Me voting in 2016 vs. Me if we don't vote in 2018 #VoteTuesday

Just undo it.



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  1. Rex June 11, 2019

    These are great! Thanks.

  2. Fukoff July 14, 2021

    the author is a libtard wacko who’s has been brainwashed by lamae stream media

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