15 thoughts on “Meanwhile In Japan… (It’s a Really Weird Country)”

  1. Tigger pic is actually an exercise that many zoos (outside of Japan) participate in to practice response methods if a dangerous animal escapes. Use someone in a costume to represent the animal, such as a tiger.

  2. Weird for the sake of being weird is one thing. Compelling people to accept something weird as “normal” is when societies start to break down.

    Keep Japan weird.

  3. I just saw in a news article about Japan that about a third of their population is extremely lonely. I can see why. I wouldn’t like to hang out and have a beer with any of the weirdos here.

  4. The 2nd pic, I have a picture of that guy I took while in Japan. He hangs out by Shinjuku station, the pic I have, he’s wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit. For the most part, people kind of ignore him.

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