99 thoughts on “Hard Truths From Adorable Kittens”

  1. “Depression is fear of the past and anxiety is the fear of the future, being calm means living in the past” -Some Stoicism Guy

  2. I disagree with most of this. HOWEVER, I just can’t argue about the “Growing up” and the “work still won’t make your dreams happen” thing…..

  3. What kind of person would make this article? These truths can be realized on one’s one, not hurled at you by adorable kittens. It will only make one think kittens are rude and have anxiety around them.

  4. To all those dog people who think their hounds are smarter than cats, think again. These are pretty deep thoughts and observations from anyone, let alone young kittens. Just think how complex these thoughts will be when they become adults!

  5. Most everyone is forgotten in 200 years… or less. (unless you happen to be a historical figure)
    Some people DO have good reasons for not liking you.
    Most of us will die with regrets. If you don’t think so, come back in a decade or two.
    Human nature is to mess up now and then. Spend enough time with someone and they will mess up.
    Growing up nearly universally means trading fun for obligation.
    Love does indeed fade… if one or the other party lets it.
    etc etc

  6. Why are you making CUTE KITTENS say this!!!! Make it horrible dogs (ive got a phobia from them)or ugly cockroaches or something!!!

  7. why are their so meany of these.AND the person named a human being i HAD 2 DOGS AND 2 CATS AND WHICH ONE DID I LIKE BEATER MY ADORIBAL DOGS NOT THE CATS YOU SHOD JUST BE QUIET. and the person how made this you stop making these rude web sits try thinking positive like you are always unique. don’t make any more of these.

  8. and a human being be nice I I don’t like cat but hear I am helping them so you shold help dogs like I had two dogs now they are gone I get mad when people tack bad abot them I miss my doggy’s 😭 like my Dakota the white german shepherd

  9. this website is mean to humans and kitten’s so just stop this is not right the way you make something cute into terrible humor so just stop as people do not want to see this

  10. And that was supposed to make me depressed? I’m sorry, but it’s rather weak, because most of these statements can be easily refuted, and some do not even make me depressed; however, some, on the contrary, make me laugh even more and make me stronger.
    I would counterargue, but I’m afraid you’re all so mentally retarded here that it’s just a pitiful waste of time.

  11. This article is the most true one I have ever come across. I now know the hard truth but have a view of adorableness that comes with it!

  12. Honestly I think that this website is rather enlightening and if you get depressed by these sorts of things dont click on it! This person can just make whatever websites they want. Leave them be. This website has made my life better by telling me what I can not do to improve my happiness, like telling me that work may never get me anywhere has taught me to work smarter and to has realistic goals. And saying that the past will always haunt me taught me to not worry about the past to much. Thank you for reading.

  13. I agree with the comment above me, this website can also give you a quick reality check that may make your life better in future. And your welcome for reading your comment person above me!

  14. I agree with the two comments on top of me XD. And the one that says bad times dont make good times better basically said to me; Embrace the days your sad, it will get better but dont feel bad for feeling sad. Let people write the articles they want and if you dont like it, click off, or better yet… DONT CLICK ON IT wow you can do that humans.

    To all the people who loves dogs will surely regret the fact that they love dogs but hate cats and think that their canines are smarter than cats let alone young and cute adorable kittwns.

  16. To those in comments, you know who you are, there’s something called common sense. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s not that hard.

  17. wow just wow, I mean it’s so true. But honestly the kittens make it worse, it’s like a cute thing is telling you that you should die. make the next one of rabid dogs and then i might change my mind

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