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“What is a Latvian joke?” you might be asking. Latvian jokes are short examinations aimed at poking fun at the everyday life of farmers and townsfolk living in a country that’s still suffering from Soviet era isolationism in freezing, war torn country with very little food. Latvian jokes usually work in a reference to a potato and the ever present politburo. Scroll down to see some of the funniest examples.

Two Latvian Look at clouds. One see potato. Other see impossible dream. Is same cloud.

Why does Latvian man like mashed potatoes? Is crushed like dreams.

Latvian comedian say "What deal with potato?" Latvian crowd not laugh. Comedian squint into darkness to see crowd. There no crowd. All die from malnourish.

Latvian jokes are the best jokes.

One day, Latvian her knock at the door. Man ask "Who is?"...

- Knock, knock. - Who’s there? - Latvian. - Latvian who? - Please open door. Is cold.

Aren't Latvian jokes just the best?

Latvian walk into bar with mule. Bartender say "Why so long face?" Latvian say "I was thinking of my daughter. She has been lay with soldier for potato. Feed baby."

Latvian: is so cold. Everyone: How cold is it? Latvian: Very. Also dark.

Latvian man not see neighbor for many days. He go into house to see how is. neighbor frozen to death. Man very happy. Family eat well for many weeks now.

Don't you just love Latvian jokes? They are so cheerful!

Latvian jokes are the best jokes!

Question: What are one potato say other potato? Answer: Premise ridiculous. Who have two potato?

Question: What is happening if you cross Latvian and potato? Answer: This is cruel joke. please, no more.

Latvian girl is say, "I want go America one day." Father say, "I send you America." Daughter is thank father. Make tears of happy. Father use for salty potato. Father think moment, say, "Daughter, I no send you America." Potato is more salt.

Man in field is search potato. See one and happy. Turn out actually is rock. Is very starving so eat anyway.

Two Latvian Look at Clouds. Whole sky is clouds. Weather is bad. Latvian are cold.

Latvian farmer grow many potatoes with son. Secret police then take potatoes away. Farmer wake up and think "Of course just dream. Son is dead."

Latvia jokes funny. Man laugh. Then soldier kill man and take potato. Man sad again.

28 thoughts on “Latvian Jokes”

  1. WTF? I am a Latvian and I don’t know who and why wrote these but I can tell you these are not Latvian jokes.

  2. Funny how the Latvians who wrote these jokes could find these beautiful stock images on which to use ROFLBOT to add English text, and still not lose their accent.

  3. Maybe it’s a kind of awareness raising about the poeple who were deported to Siberia by communists? Otherwise… Weird? And I don’t know any Latvian whose english is that poor.

  4. Any joke goodly, which laughter causes. No reality to connection, still, specific mood and imagery present, good universe for jocularity making, laugh, laugh.

    Something like this :)

  5. This guy started the Latvian joke thing. He spent a couple of years here during his peace corps mission, and started these jokes on his blog:
    Some are funny. But timing for this post is bad, exactly 70 years ago in this day thousands of intelligent and wealthy Latvian families were sent with cargo trains to Siberia by Russian communists, communist regime caused what the original joke author later saw in Latvia during early 90’s.

  6. Im from Latvia, and most of this stuff is hillarious.. :D
    Some ppl should learn not to be offended.. :D

  7. So these remind me of “Polock” jokes; cruel false narrative making fun of an ethnic stereotype but with a added bad accent twist. Probably NOT made by Latvians.

  8. Im Latvian and im not offended, not a single bit, these jokes are brilliant. Of course they are very dark and 100% false, but still.. :D

  9. yes hello
    i went to a page titled latvian jokes
    and i’m offended that there are jokes making fun of latvians here
    here’s a reference to something bad that happened in history to validate my high-roading

  10. My Brother-in-Law is 100% Latvian, and was telling us about growing up in Latvia where his family had a room specifically for holding potatoes. I asked him what the punchline was. He said there was no punchline. Was Latvian joke.

  11. I am offended on behalf of other people that are not able to be offended as they are not aware of these jokes. Also I am Polish and I am offended as they should be Polish jokes. Such offence, such disappoint. Much sorrow.

  12. Not many violated, really violated people come out on the net. Most of course for what it can do in harm of their family, but also how big of a fight the world is going to take with us. I want to show young people their legal and artistic right, but your “land of the free” makes it misinterpreted and Sometimes opposites of what you ment
    Love, as much as you can, as a human, not as body


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