The Amazing Mr Karls and His Adorable Game/Nap Buddies

Mr Karls is one of the creators of “Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary” – a feline retirement home located in North Texas. They provide life long love, vet care, and comfort for forgotten and abandoned cats throughout the United States. You are very welcome to show your support by donating or volunteering.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Mr Karls and His Adorable Game/Nap Buddies”

  1. What is your job?
    I get cats to sleep over me, Sir.
    What for?
    I’m theraupetic, Sir.
    Can I sleep over you?
    Not if you’re a cat, Sir.
    What if I pretend to be one?
    Well, in this case, I wouldn’t have anything to object, Sir.
    Hug me! I need love like a cat!

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