How To Become a Cat: The Complete Guide

This informative guide has been created by illustrators and book authors Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar. I hope this will help you to achieve your life-long dream to become a cat.





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  1. Anonymous November 16, 2018

    yes best thing ever

  2. Anonymous November 28, 2018

    yes, just yes.

  3. Anonymous December 1, 2018

    Cat vs life

  4. i wanna be a cat! December 6, 2018

    i want to be a cat for ian somerhalder soooooo bad!!!! look him up and u will know why!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous December 15, 2018

    Best thing ever, but I am afraid I will get splinters if I attack the tree

  6. Anonymouse January 8, 2019


  7. MEOW January 14, 2019


  8. empathP February 10, 2019


  9. Anonymous February 18, 2019

    Finally a website that understands me

  10. Anonymous March 12, 2019

    Cats 4ever ppl

  11. Kitty meow March 26, 2019

    am i a cat yet

  12. Anonymous April 5, 2019


  13. I’ll do anything to be a cat April 14, 2019

    I want to be a cat so badly ( and I also want JoJo Siwa’s room).

  14. Happycat3333333 April 24, 2019

    Me cat is me, me is me cat.

  15. MADISON WILL BE CAT July 28, 2019


  16. TheCAT September 13, 2019

    I am already a cat, just needed some tips.

  17. Meow meow September 28, 2019

    Hi im a cat.. but a normal one.. like.. im an animal!! I was a human but when i acted like a cat for month… i turned into a cat and now im trapped as a cat!!! Idk if i can transform back to human! And yes… i can read and write. But i cant talk. Meow!!!!!!!

  18. KiTtIeMaStEr)1 October 9, 2019

    This is exactly like me

  19. Thatcatshuman October 26, 2019

    Mrow.. Mew mew!
    (Hey, Feed me!)
    Translation done by this cat’s human

  20. Anonymous October 26, 2019

    meow meow meow(that really worked)

  21. Thegalixystarwolfgachatuber October 26, 2019

    its cool but IM A WOLF

  22. Cat25 November 4, 2019

    Yeah I love cats I want to be one but the spells don’t work?

  23. I AM A CAT!!!!!!!!!!! November 9, 2019

    I aM literally a cat and I have been since last october

  24. MRRRRROOOOOOOWWWW November 22, 2019

    my cat does everything right. YES ALITA CLAW THE SCRATCH POST!

  25. BTS and Luv November 29, 2019

    Now Park Jimin will love me

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