Important Cat Jobs List: Cats Are Not Lazy!

Cats have a pretty major PR problem: most people think that cats don’t do much, that they just sleep all day and do not contribute at all. That’s actually not true, they have countless important jobs. Check out these illustrations created by Lisa Swerling and you’ll never ever call your cat lazy again.

Important cat job: gravity checker.

Important cat job: assistant suitcase packer.

Important cat job: ghost spotter.

Important cat job.

Important cat job: chief procrastinator.

Important cat jobs.

Important cat job.

Important cat job: head warmer.

Important cat job: massage therapist.

Very important cat job.

Important cat job: food inspector.

Important cat job: keyboard warmer.

Gift wrap technician. Important cat job.

Important cat job: box inspector.

Important cat job: bed warmer.

Important cat job: underwear auditor.

Important cat job.

Important cat job.

Important job for a cat.

Important cat job.

Important cat job: alarm clock.

Important cat job: shopping bag checker.

Important cat job: sunbeam absorber.

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  1. These are fantastic! Can we share this on our Instagram account @harryandrama ? Please feel free to message us there:)

  2. Dear Leanne and Julian,
    your question should be addressed to the creator Lisa Swerling and not to S&U website.

    Sincerely yours,
    Cpt. Obvious.


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