11 thoughts on “Cats Are Not Lazy, They Have Many Important Jobs”

  1. In rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa the cats are for only one purpose – catching and killing spiders (and any other venomous creepie-crawlies). My wife says that is why we should get one.

  2. You forgot, Small Item Collector”.
    My Cat’s a thief 😉
    You can’t leave any small items like change, hair clips, post-it-notes or silverware laying around. She’ll hide it from you. I have to dig through her room every couple of days and empty her stashes!
    We love “Boss”, she’s a hilariously funny and loveable Kitty Cat😻

  3. She also cleans the leaves up that blow through the windows in fall, very useful as we live in a forest.

  4. You must add AN entre section about their job as “Astral protection guides/keys/ anchors/guardians/teachers” bothe the current pets as well the gone under the Rainbow Cats…

    This IS a common joke in large groups of Lucid dreamers that say often that Cats Also “WORK”, as signals that tell you inside a dream that you are Dreaming or as advisors at premonición dreams.

    All this IS sumarized by many as Astral World Protectors

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