Hurt Feelings Report

Hurt feelings report form is a set of guidelines for what to do if someone’s feelings are hurt. This is the link you can share with someone if they complain that you have somehow made them cry. It might be especially useful at work, since 67 percent of workers in USA have reported feeling belittled or humiliated at work. The form allows to outline the specific incidents that made someone feel bad, and provides space for both parties to discuss ways to resolve the situation.

We take hurt feelings seriously.

8 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings Report”

  1. I miss a choice to whine on behalf of others. I might not be hurt, but [the other person] should be.

  2. This sounds like someone thought they were being funny but ultimately just comes across as asinine

  3. I can assure you all, every worker in the land could fill these reports out several times a week. The perpetrators of hurt feelings, however, are seldom brought to justice.

  4. Trumps and trumpeteers would fill one of these hourly. “Oh, they did not vote for me… buh-huuuhhhh.” Or Brexiteers. “Oh, I do not want those nasty foreigerns here but nobody warned me I need a passport to get drunk and abusive in Mallorca”, or “Buhhh, I have to clean my won toilet now, instead of that underpaid polak.”

  5. Koizoh….Did YOU fill out a report for being JEALOUS?
    You still mad because Burnout Bernie didn’t make the grade? PLEASE……………..DO NOT BREED!! Not even with the farmers dog…just don’t do it!!

  6. Koizoh Rível – Koi boy, did you whine or cry when your pansy ass feelings were hurt? just askin’

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