83 thoughts on “When Selfie Culture Generation Visits Holocaust Memorial…”

  1. “While I hesitate to question the wisdom of the Almighty, I sometimes wonder if He didn’t make a mistake when He warned Noah of the flood.”

  2. And that’s exactly why education and moral has so much value and should be considered to be of much more focus.

  3. That’s exactly what this memorial is meant to be: a place where people live their normal lifes. The Holocaust has not to be forgotten, so give it a place where a lot of people are, not in a boring museum.

  4. As a German I was several times at the Memorial.
    It’s quite gray like our past. But on top of it is life. There are children in colorful clothes running around. There are new generations growing on that gray ground. Children of committors and children of victems come together. We should not forget our history, but we do not need to live in or as our history.
    So on that grey fundament of the German Reich sets the Federal Republic of Germany.
    And esspecially in the big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Munich, … this means a culture clash which makes the FRG so much richer than the German Reich.
    So maybe some of these people are ignorant to the German Past but they have been there. So they are less ignorant then those who completely ignored the German history. At least they saw that there is a big grey place in the middle of Berlin which must have a reason. And maybe they have not been in Berlin to be sad. They come to Berlin to live. And so it’s good to see, that there is still life where was war and dead all over the place 75 years ago.
    Maybe they just stubled about the german history. Like we do with the stumble stones set in our every day life.
    There are to recognize our past. Not to give up living.

  5. My outrage was momentarily suspended by the an even louder “WTF” when i saw the blonde guy in overalls.

  6. Maybe all of you could get off your high horse…

    The architect meant this monument to be used as a meeting place where anyone can use the surroundings in the way fit to that person. It’s not meant to be a place of silence and weeping… Educate yourself: https://bbc.in/2wTwJOf

  7. The sight of innocent little children playing in a graveyard among the markers brings a smile to my face every time.
    I hope this occurs at my grave.

    The sight of adults doing the same provokes no positive emotion.

  8. DISGUSTING! These little idiots have no idea about what this memorial (and others) represent. They may have had relatives die in the Holocaust.

  9. There was a guy years ago who created a website called yolocaust.
    He photoshopped some of this kind of sefies on pics taken into nazi’s extermination camps during WWII.
    It went viral and all of the kids involved contacted him to get their pics removed from the sites but, evenctually, the site is still online.
    I live in Berlin and i know just how bad this is. Sometimes i think is too that memorial wasn’t build on the fuhrerbunker so they would at least disrespect Hitler.
    I’m sure as long the site wont be monitored properly and the kids would be fined with high fines that would never change.

  10. The people aren’t the problem, this stupid memorial is the true problem. How is this playground supposed to represent something meaningful? It´s like building an obelisk with two domes and wondering why everyone first recognizes it as a penis instead of something meaningful…

  11. Whoever you women are in the first photo, you are particularly disgusting. May you never experience the horror you mock.

  12. I think that the human capacity to seek sex, praise and approval, even atop virtual mounds of corpses, goes beyond comprehension. What we see in these pictures, is the reason we, as a species, survive almost everything. We put ourselves before everything, some of us would sell their own children for a chance to shine and strutt like rabbits in headlights. It’s pure instinct

  13. Most of these idiots don’t even look dressed decent enough to pay their respect to such a sober site. Shame on them, shame on their parents.

  14. It looks like they’re just stupid kids. Those videos aren’t going anywhere. I’m assuming that most of them will regret this later. Alas for them, all their dumb shit will be preserved for posterity.
    Thank god I did all my dumb shit before the digital era. I hope, anyway…

  15. I’m going there tomorrow and was worried my blue sweater over a black dress might be to “cheerful “. I think blue will be okay because that’s how my heart will feel thinking about such evil in humanity and how many people deny it occurred.

  16. Words, largely fail me, although I do have this: Had it not been for the sacrifices of the many, the few would not be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate the futility of war. Or, put another way; They died, just so these arseholes could show up in thier place?

  17. I went to visit the museum a few years ago, and I was so somber, that I felt I COULD NOT even take one picture because of all my feelings. It was the same way at the 911 memorial in NYC.

  18. I understand all the emotions being displayed in the posts but, is this any different from when the white van was stopped by the pilice in New Jersey hours after the planes hit the WTC with Isralis inside singing and dancing, put on the plane the same night and sent back to spies home base in Israel? Even FBI was puzzled

  19. Disrespect is intentional. If these people did not intend to disrespect the deceased, or genocide as a whole, they are simply doing what they do for positive attention/feedback. Remembrance is not material; it is in our hearts and minds.

  20. I’m laughing because this is seriously comically bad… like something you would see in a Saturday Night Live skit about Millennials’ narcissism. Wow. Omg… just WOW.

  21. What a bunch of shameful idiots. Probably don’t know how to read and learn what that memorial is even for. They should be arrested and fined for vandalizing a monument.

  22. Sometimes this human race shames me for its insensitivity and self-centeredness. I’ve never been there, but I imagined it to be a place where people grieve and remember. The sheer amounts of it all would have set me to crying the whole time. I’m just glad I know none of these people. Hopefully nobody I know would consider this as appropriate.

  23. These are nothing. In 2013 I saw father and son take a smiling selfie in front of the crematoria wreckage at Birkenau.

  24. Agree with some comments above and, not to minimise the reactions to this, but I like to come to this site for humour – not to feel angry. Less of this please.

  25. There is another way of approaching what were seeing here; These young people are living in a world where they can exist without having the slightest idea what faux-pas they are making by taking these photos in that place…their ignorance is sweet bliss, they don’t have to smell the smoke of their family members burned in a furnace while being walked to the furnace themselves. I rather see a bunch of ignorant kids taking mindless selfies in that Memorial than a bunch of Nazi’s heiling there. Unconscious incompetenece can be easilly cured with knowlede whereas concscious evil is very much impossible to cure.

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