9 thoughts on “Guilty Dogs That Are Very Sorry For What They Just Did”

  1. I was the third comment in here, and already one out of the two other comments was from someone who somehow found a way to be offended by this. Flint Michigan still doesn’t have safe drinking water, but thank goodness someone took the time to explain to us that the owners of these dogs are idiots because the dogs don’t train themselves. Bravo, tough guy, we’re all edified now by your scintillating indignation. :D

  2. The commentor above tying in a current issue seems to not have time for righteous causes ,given their posting here and the length of their response.Crawl back into your package “Summer’s Eve”.

  3. Dogs do need
    a) get to be taken to the streets to be able to do their business else they might have to face the big shame of doing it indoors (terrible for them more than whoever has to clean up)

    b) entertainment /stimulation and get into contact with conspecifics, else they find idistraction or develop deviant or destructive behaviours

    c) be taken to the vet to make sure they are healthy

    d) and ideally dog trainers which essentially schools the owner so that the dog doesnt have to go mad

    Too many pet owners are still despite all the available knowledge just egoistic and ignorant of the fact that pets have needs

  4. They all apply the same body language as they don’t understand that some level of damage are minor compare to others.. like Toilet paper vs bedsheets or clothes.. they just know that they are guilty of doing “bad” and that’s that :)

  5. I think they were just having fun, but at the accusing look of the owner, probably realized that what they are doing is wrong. For all the people who insist that this is the owner’s fault it might be in some of the cases. But since I have worked with several dogs and have one of my own that I attend to every day, I notice that once in a while they do go a bit brain dead and do something wrong. Sometimes it’s when they disobey an order, or don’t understand my words even when they’ve done the process perfectly before. As long as this doesn’t happen often, all it needs is a strict reprimand and a few extra precautions.

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