French Artist Paints Over Ugly Graffiti To Make It Legible

Graffiti can be beautiful or ugly, but when it comes to tagging – everyone would agree that it’s the most hideous type of street art. And what’s even more annoying – it’s almost always illegible. Mathieu Tremblin is a French artist who decided to fix this. He paints over the ugly graffiti and makes them legible.

9 thoughts on “French Artist Paints Over Ugly Graffiti To Make It Legible”

  1. I hate taggers. They’re a bunc of leg-lifting, egotistical, self-important jackasses.

  2. I translated some of them and got:
    “Pat how logical and alk”
    “I’m sorry, what are you doing, Jamer?”
    “Debt is the herb of mind.”

  3. Taggers suck: not all taggers are like that some people are paid to do it, not in this sense ofc but still

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