French Artist Paints Over Ugly Graffiti To Make It Legible

Graffiti can be beautiful or ugly, but when it comes to tagging – everyone would agree that it’s the most hideous type of street art. And what’s even more annoying – it’s almost always illegible. Mathieu Tremblin is a French artist who decided to fix this. He paints over the ugly graffiti and makes them legible.

10 thoughts on “French Artist Paints Over Ugly Graffiti To Make It Legible”

  1. I hate taggers. They’re a bunc of leg-lifting, egotistical, self-important jackasses.

  2. I translated some of them and got:
    “Pat how logical and alk”
    “I’m sorry, what are you doing, Jamer?”
    “Debt is the herb of mind.”

  3. Taggers suck: not all taggers are like that some people are paid to do it, not in this sense ofc but still

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