67 thoughts on “Before And After Pictures of Being Called a Good Boy”

  1. I love all these photos. proof that humans should compliment their animals all the time.

  2. i like when the person called the cat a ” good boy ” and it just looked away!!

  3. What a shame that the person who made this obviously does not like cats. They DO respond to love and loving comments. This kind of post only serves to reinforce negative stereotypes. Cats are loving beings, too.

  4. In response to negative stereotypes about Cats. I have loved my Cats and Dogs equally, BUT, in all fairness, a Dog will give it’s life to protect you and Family, a cat will watch you all die. Das a fact Jack…………

  5. Cat pictures made me laugh, I know my cat likes living in our house ( seeing as he actually belonged to someone else on our estate who eventually gave up trying to make him go home after he choose to move in with us) but I know he doesn’t give a dam wether we think he is a good boy or not lol

  6. My dog doesn’t flinch when I tell her she’s a good girl. The only time I get a reaction like that, is when I say ‘get your ball’.

  7. There were fewer wrinkles in the grumpy cat’s brow after receiving the compliment than before, so he appreciated it

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