These Town Names Sound Like a Joke But They’re All Real

If you ever wished to travel across the United States of America, you probably have a good idea of what places you’d visit. While most would aim for capital cities and urban giants like NYC, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, there are some lesser known, but interesting places to add into your list. Click on each picture to open exact Google Maps location.

Frankenstein, Missouri.

Ding Dong, Texas.

Bald Head, Maine.

Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts.

Whynot, North Carolina.

Chicken, Alaska.

Pie Town, New Mexico.

Worms, Nebraska.

Pig, Kentucky.

Coward, South Carolina.

Possumneck, Mississippi.

Mosquitoville, Vermont.

Accident, Maryland.

Mormon Bar, California.

Okay, Oklahoma.

Free Soil, Michigan.

Boring, Oregon.

Odd, West Virginia.

Parachute, Colorado.

Chicken Bristle, Illinois.

46 thoughts on “These Town Names Sound Like a Joke But They’re All Real”

  1. You need a Canadian version. Start on the East Coast with Dildo, Newfoundland and work your way across the country!!

  2. Tightwad and Racket are two towns that are right next to each other in central Missouri… how do i know? my relatives are from the area…

  3. Not quite as funny, but in Virginia there is a place called “Double Tollgate” and another one called “Burnt Factory” and there used to be a place called “Fort Nonsense” but I don’t know if it’s there any more.

  4. That’s exactly what I was going to say! (we are sitting right next to each other). I was the one that found it.

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