Funny (And Useful) Dog Tags

If you are tired of usual boring dog collar tags, check out these beautiful creations by various crafty people of Etsy. These tags are both funny and useful if your dog gets lost.

Funny dog tag.
Made by ItsAboutTheWag

If you can read this...
Made by LaurenElaineDesigns

I just can't...
Made by rockawaygypsea

I bark at ugly people.
Made by thRUFFtyPup

Free beer!
Made by FireflyLaneStamping

I am lost.
Made by FireflyLaneStamping

Call my mom!
Made by BuyMeAPresent

Very lost.
Made by PrettyInappropriateS

Make them call each other.
Made by SweetWilliamLondon

I'm not fat!
Made by TheImageIndustry

Breaking hearts and blasting farts.
Made by HandmadePoshTags

Funny dog tag.
Made by LaurenElaineDesigns

Escape artist.
Made by SweetWilliamLondon

Cute dog tag.
Made by JanetCanStamp

Wiggle butt.
Made by LowKeyDesignCanada

Funny dog tag.
Made by JanetCanStamp

Funny dog tag.
Made by WaggyPooch

I swear!
Made by WillisAndBella

I just love it.
Made by thRUFFtyPup

Garbage disposal.
Made by WowieGoods

Fluffy not fat.
Made by DashingHoundCompany

3 thoughts on “Funny (And Useful) Dog Tags”

  1. The one about the grass tickling one’s nipples? One of the few joys of old age as a woman. Someday, I shall dance naked as if everyone’s watching and I don’t give a f**k.

  2. “If you can read this I will lick you”
    Wear this as a necklace and make eye contact as someone picks it up to read it.
    I’m loving these as you can tell!

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