5 thoughts on “People Sharing Funny Stories Behind Their Pet Names”

  1. Our dog is Rolex – Roly. We rescued him as a tiny pup, abandoned on the streets. He was very bumpy when we stroked him, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…. More ticks than a wristwatch… so Rolex. Now he’s happy, healthy and tick free! But he’s still Roly.

  2. my cat, shadow (named for her sneaky-ness and pattern, she’s all white except her face is grey) was quickly nick-named shade, dim-brain, lampshade, lamp-face, ass-cat, and my favorite, formerly shade-face, now shit-face.

  3. My two cats, Max and Ray Davies are variously called:
    Maxie, Bang Bang Maxwell Silver Kitty

  4. My dog we originally named Oisin, then that got shortened to Shin, Shinny, Shin Shins, Dogalog or often just Dog-face.

  5. my cats have always been named “cat”. c’mon, we all know that naming a cat is pretty useless :)

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