Starving Homeless Dog Gets Rescued And Taken To Pet-Friendly Restaurants Every Day

If you live in LA and you’re struggling to get a reservation at some of the best restaurants in town, it’s probably because of Popeye the dog. Once a starving stray who used to eat whatever he could find, now the fluffy foodie dines on the best food in town along with his owner Ivy Diep.

He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, and dirty. It wasn’t long before he made himself at home at my place with my other dogs. And of course, my husband and I fell in love with him.




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  1. Anonymous December 24, 2019

    So adorable it’s heartbreaking.

  2. Anonymous July 20, 2020

    Now that all the restaurants are closed, I have feels for that dog!

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