12 thoughts on “The Funniest British EU Supporter Signs”

  1. Good on you, Brits. Press on; the sooner you are free of the EU the better for you.

    Some of these signs were pretty clever anyway.

  2. American here. How about a deal? We’ll take your Brexit mess if you take Trump and the Turtle (McConnell. Senate Majority Leader. Looks like a turtle.)

  3. Where are the funny pro-Brexit protest signs? Oh, I guess the pro-Brexiteers don’t have time to parade around with funny signs, they’ve got more important things to do. Like jobs and other grown-up things.

  4. People that voted for Brexit or elected Trump aren’t necessarily wrong in their complaints… it’s just their solutions that are ridiculous. Putting Homer Simpson in charge of the nuclear reactor is not a wise move, you freaking neanderthals!!!!

  5. Note how the pro-Brexit posts are all anonymous. I’d be hesitant to attach my name to ruinous stupidity too.

  6. I think the reason the pro-Brexit posts are anonymous is that the names look so funny when they’re not in Cyrillic.

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