The Most WTF Products For Sale on Etsy

The best part is, people are actually buying these things…

Available on LuckyFeetShop.

Also available: denture ring, hair comb, and eyeglasses frame.

Found, dried, and coated in polyurethane by Glenn Reed.

Made by talented Casper Gro.

100% wool. 100% crazy. Made by Emily Stoneking.

Made by G. Jarvis.

Created by Sara Lynch.

Made by Ric.

Handmade by Gorge Ohwell.

Created by Ali.

This is where crocheted babies come from. Crafted by Sarah.

Created by Anna Sternik.

Handmade by Sarah Norton.

Handmade by Leannie.

Razor included. Sold by Ashley Blackhurst.

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