Americans Trying To Answer Stupidly Simple Geography Question

Americans have a reputation abroad for being somewhat insular, and nothing better illustrates that than Jimmy Kimmel asking people to name a country on the world map. It’s not a specific country Kimmel was asking these L.A locals to identify. He asked pedestrians to name ANY country on a map. It didn’t go well…


Watch the hilarious video below (direct Youtube link here):

Here’s how people reacted:



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  1. Anonymous July 15, 2019

    1. I was once asked where I was from, when I answered, “New Mexico”, the person asked, “Where in Mexico is that?” I laughed thinking they were joking…they were not.

    2. My niece, in 2he grade at the time, was tasked with preparing an oral report about a state capital. So, we talked about which one she might want to talk about. Looked at the map, pointed out each state and what the capital of each was called. She chose to talk about Tallahassee, because she liked the sound of it. She wrote out what she wanted to say about it, and, done with homework.

    Next day, when she got home, I asked how she’d done with her talk. She said she’d done well, but, her teacher told her the capital of Florida was Miami, so, she’d had to mark her off for that.

  2. He Who Must Not Be Named September 19, 2019

    i have lost all hope in humanity

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