15 thoughts on “Duck Beak Shaped Dog Muzzle”

  1. A great way to make your dog SUFFER.
    He can’t pant, he can’t drink, his facial expressions – which are an import part of his communication – are distorted.
    If you know anything about dog’s expressions, you can see so many stress signs. These dogs are uncomfortable.
    Shame on you.

  2. Yes, many dogs show stress signs. The backdrop of those photos seems to be a vets office, so I’m led likely to get all heated when different environments give different results

  3. Whoops… Forgot I’m dealing with an online Vitor signaler, so I really do need to point this out, don’t I?


  4. Got one for my beagle puppy and it likes it. Dosent chew furniture or anything when we run errands. Its only used about an hour a day.

  5. At a vets office they are only on long enough to do what’s needed to be done and then removed. But, this is something that dog owners should not leave on for any real length of time.

  6. it’s cute. The vet muzzled my dog once, only time he’d ever seen one. He didn’t mind, and she took it right off, never used one again. He doesn’t bite, ever.

  7. Unfortunately my dog is very reactive and can be aggressive and sometimes has to be muzzled so they can perform a physical exam. Whilst funny looking this duck thing has been the best muzzle we’ve used at our local vet and I’m looking to buy one myself now. The comments above saying the dogs look stressed, I can attest that is how my dog looks at the vet (muzzle or no muzzle)!

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