The Weird World of Competitive Dog Grooming

Feast your eyes on the most outlandish pooches you are ever likely to spot courtesy of America’s most extreme dog grooming competitions. Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to own pets… What do you think? Leave your opinion in comments.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.


Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.

Weird example of competitive dog grooming.



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  1. BArb June 4, 2019

    Really unfair to these dogs. it’s bad enough they have to go through a normal 4 hours grooming every 6 weeks or so but to expect them to tolerate this is really abusive,

  2. Anonymous June 5, 2019

    While some of these seem highly artistic, I never liked dressing up/transforming dogs like this. You could do the same to stuffed animals.

  3. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    Totally ridiculous, these are dogs,not stuffed toys,leave them to be dogs,go to the toy store you idiots!

  4. Christina Loo June 12, 2019

    Animals are not Accessories for goodness sakes

  5. Hanna June 12, 2019

    They look so sad, bad owners 👎👎

  6. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    So it’s OK to inbreed dogs with traits originally intended for the retrieval of fowl from freezing water, only so that they can be constantly groomed then paraded around as fashion accessories, but it’s -not- OK to use them for actual art? I sense hypocrisy.

  7. Anonymous June 12, 2019

    I don’t know if it’s cruel or not, but that’s only because I’m too busy knowing that it’s stupid.

  8. Liza June 12, 2019

    I work with canines and there is no way these groomers could use a dog that was not comfortable with being handled. These canines are regularly groomed because of their coats, handled correctly, so desensitized. I have seen these competition poodles directly and they really do have an idea of what is happening and a great sense of humor. It does mean I would personally do it, but can confirm they are comfortable and well loved. I hope that helps.

  9. Liza June 12, 2019

    … sorry typo … I would not personally do it … Thx.

  10. Lori June 12, 2019

    Oh you guys, come on. I seriously doubt these dogs are being tortured by this! :D They look pretty well adjusted to me. I used to dress my dog up when I was a kid, if she didn’t like it, she would just walk away. But, she usually just loved being with me and getting the attention. Stop being drama queens. Save your energy for the people that really are hurting animals in dog fighting pens and keeping them in tiny cages and breeding them for money. THOSE are the windmills you SHOULD be tilting at!

  11. Marilyn June 13, 2019

    I have had four standard poodles and they love attention. They may be a little embarrassed by the way they look, but the added attention would make it all worthwhile to them. However any dog would much rather be out playing with its owner rather than being turned into a work of art.

  12. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    Poodles who are used for creative competition Grooming are groomed since they are puppies, are very used to the grooming and handling, and actually enjoy it as it is a bonding time for them and their owners. There is NOTHING ABUSIVE ABOUT THIS. Go direct your abuse comments to the dogs who are 50 pounds over weight, matted to the skin, see a groomer once a year, and have their nails growing into their pads. The ignorance here is ASTOUNDING.

  13. Sandi June 13, 2019

    These dogs love the attention. if they didn’t they would not be groomed like this. These contests are timed. You don’t have time to groom a dog that doesn’t enjoy being groomed. No different than grooming for the show ring. Learn before you criticize. Worry about miss treated animals.

  14. Anonymous June 13, 2019

    Oh Lord, these dogs more likely than not loved the attention. It’s not abusive in the least, poodles have to be groomed constantly, starting when they are pups. This is just extra fancy grooming. Go find someone who ties their dog to a tree in the backyard and just ignores it to criticize, those dogs are abused, not these.

  15. Andrea Dogwalker June 13, 2019

    Absolutely repulsive and cruel. Nobody who genuinely loves their dog would do this to them. Most dogs hate being groomed, and this takes the grooming to a sickening level. Let the dog be a dog and have a fun life. Shame on the people who put their dogs through this.

  16. Sandy June 13, 2019

    This is not cruel. It’s amazing.
    I’m guessing most of you have matted dogs that eat old Roy..
    How about educating yourself on a subject before opening your pinhole and spewing ignorant hateful comments??

  17. Maureen June 13, 2019

    And then the dogs lick themselves and take in all the chemicals – this is outrageous and animal cruelty. What next botox and pumped up lips?

  18. Marthe June 14, 2019

    Groomers who do this are amazing, talented artists. And their dogs are some of the best cared for and most loved dogs you could ever find. The color used is non toxic and made especially for use on dogs. And if I don’t care what color my friends are, why should my dog?????

  19. Anonymous June 14, 2019

    These people have no respect for their dogs, but then, they are of course ignorant yanks.

  20. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Just let them be dogs instead of projecting sad visions of fashion victims

  21. Nichell June 15, 2019

    I mean, there were definitely a couple of them that were beautiful pieces of artwork, but those poor doggies! They deserve to have a better life than to just be someone’s canvas. Let the dogs be dogs!

  22. sharyn June 15, 2019

    i am a groomer and no i have better things to do with my time than to do this….BUT the dogs love the attention they get and every product is safe for the animal……an the dogs are allowed to be dogs”’some of these took a year to create

  23. Anonymous June 15, 2019

    Should be illegal.

  24. Tasha June 15, 2019

    I am a groomer and I actually have done this to my own personal pet s she he actually much enjoyed the attention it brought him and all the pampering that came with it

  25. Anonymous June 16, 2019

    I see the only negative comments are from people who have not done this. I have had standard poodles for over 35 years, and they really do love the attention they get when you brushing them or even just touching them for hours. If they didn’t, no one could force a poodle to comply with this art work. People must assume they know what the dog is thinking. Seriously, would you rather see a dog neglected, sitting alone all day in the house or outside, with no one to play with, or no one to pay attention to them. As I bet many comments come from people who work outside the home. Is that letting a dog be a dog?

  26. Nevermind June 17, 2019

    Grab a coloring book

  27. Evangeline June 18, 2019

    It is cruel because the dogs might not like it and it is cruelty to dog to put hats and things like that on them because it might annoy them. Even though I love the colours and characters in their fur it is still cruel.

  28. Evangeline June 18, 2019

    But I do agree with Nichell.

  29. Anonymous June 20, 2019

    Poodles have the most amazing coats!! Really you can do anything with their hair.

  30. Anonymous June 22, 2019

    t does not moult ….. they actually enjoy the attention. So much so that when they are retired from the conformation ring, and are only groomed once every 2 weeks or so, they feel very put out!

  31. Anonymous July 10, 2019

    Dogs are companions, not chattel or accessories! How would any of those owner/groomers feel if their dogs got them full bodied Milk Bone tattoos or worse? Sinful

  32. Luan July 20, 2019

    I have two Standard poodles, Yvonne (Liver) and Glenda (Black) They get groomed every two sometimes three weeks. I am in Cape Town, South Africa. I have never done anything as wild and in some cases fantastic in terms of their coat. In winter they have a traditional Royal Dutch cut and in summer they have it mostly sheared off as our summers can be very hot. In summer I would leave some details on a pom-pom here and there. I think it all depends on the dog’s temperament. Yvonne positively basks in the attention she receives from the groomer. When I say the word ‘groomer’ she knows we are heading out to get groomed and gets terribly excited. Glenda, on the other hand, has a much more introverted personality, She tries to avoid me after I have said ‘groomer’ because she really is not one for going away from home and its not her thing. She does still have to go, and we keep her coat as neat as possible but there must be a minimum of fuss. I would love to colour their coats back to their natural state. After spaying, they immediately enter menopause and so their rich coats turn grey. My groomer does not offer colour sadly. But I might try to ask him to cut Yvonne into a lioness cut. I see no harm in it, the Royal Dutch she currently sports is much more detailed and ornate. People must get over themselves. No poodle will do something they are not wanting to do. They are highly intelligent dogs with beautiful emotion, they will soon let you know if they are unhappy

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