Prankster Adds Fake In-Store Coupons at the Grocery Store

Comedian Jeff Wysaski┬áis at it again. This time he sabotaged a grocery store…




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  1. A happy vegetarian August 24, 2020

    this guy… he rocks.

  2. chez December 10, 2020

    yea this is from obvious plant, they’ve got funny stuff

  3. That one person... February 26, 2021

    I wonder who used these. It must of been like
    “*Ahem* so I have this coupon, and I spent $40 on flowers, can I have my piggyback ride now?”
    “I’m not getting payed enough for this”

  4. That one person... February 26, 2021

    also, I love things like these!

  5. Anonymous March 9, 2021


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