19 thoughts on “This Is How Some People Actually Work From Home”

  1. 4th photo, is the yellowish liquid inside the plastic bottles what I think it is?
    Some of the photos are of homes of terminal state alcoholics, they don’t work they just waiting for the reaper

  2. I can picture the media blaming Trump for this. The media is just as disgusting as these photos. News flash! these are probably liberal journalists work areas.

  3. I’ve seen the insides of cars that looked like this – the entire inside filled with old takeout packages & empty cans.
    This takes genuine dedication.

  4. These people are just plain lazy and disgusting. I’m sure they are not working either…

  5. @Jorge indeed it is. Even worse they didn’t even put the tops back on the bottles so just imagine the aroma emanating from the piss pipe organ he’s building!

  6. No, these pictures are sad alcoholics or hoarders who can’t leave the house because they are addicted to playing online games like WOW (based on the vintage of the monitors and other equipment I see). Associating these pig pens with today’s “work from home” crowd is laughable (sad and useless is right!). Actually, I’d bet one of these belongs to the person who posted this article!

  7. The vertical crease or “pinchmark” in the center of the towel on the chair in the first image suggests the individual sits there nude.

  8. Hoarding is a diagnosable mental disease. This is super sad and horrific, and making fun of it rather than using this to shed light on how powerful and affecting the disease can be is in pretty poor taste.

  9. Not sure what to believe anymore…some of these pictures show electronics from the 90’s..old monitors..original XBOX 360’s…..one thing for sure is if these are real pictures these people have real issues…and I get tweaked if I missed dusting for a week….

  10. @ Cleft – Yes, he probably does sit there nude, and you can even see his pants bunched up in front of the chair! ewwww

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