9 thoughts on “Artist Playfully Merges Cartoon Characters With Real World”

  1. No, no, and no. Either do a sketchbook, or do photoshop. Passing the latter as the former seems chicken$hit to me.

  2. What a wild imagination and sense of humor, not to mention elegant craftsmanship. Please bring us more.

  3. It’s obvious that he’s photoshopping his fake sketchbook and hand into all of these. Not to take away from the creativity, but not exactly as spontaneous as presented.

  4. I don’t mind that this is a hand holding a blank sketchbook overlaid over a photo of a place, with a sketch digitally added in…… but all the super fake awkward shadows and illustration extending beyond the page is just too much, sheesh. I’d have been more impressed if you’d just kept it as merely a realistic looking photoshop.

  5. The great job what I’m doing is holding a sketchbook over text from previous person, who thinks that holding a sketchbook is a great job :D

  6. If you look at the Infinity Gaunlet, the dragon and the paintbrush one you will notice that the hand and the notebook ar all in the exact same positions and on the same page.

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