8 thoughts on “Kids Are Hilariously Terrible at Hide And Seek”

  1. Well, to be fair, Dads kind of suck at this game too. The problem is, we are too big. I can’t fit in the crowded closet and still get the door shut. I can’t fit underneath the end table in the corner, or under the kids bed, or behind the plants……. My kids can find a lot better hiding places that me. (once they get older, they can find much better spots than in these photos. )

  2. I think the kid who managed to get between the toilet and the wall may have some super powers. How do you do that?

  3. That’s when you wander around pretending not to see them saying “Now where did that little devil go?!”.

  4. It has nothing to do with their parents. Kids don’t quite live in the real world; to a degree, they live in the world of imagination, especially when invited to do so by playing a game. A part of growing up entails leaving childhood behind through the realization and acceptance that there is no choice but to live in the real world. You claim to love little kids, but you sure don’t seem to be in touch with your own inner child. Judging them for not being adults is simply pointless and cruel.

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