What Male Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Female?

Have you ever wondered how would they look? Well, wonder no more…

Rowan Atkinson

Clint Eastwood

Kevin Spacey

Jim Carrey and Donald Trump

Hugh Laurie

Gérard Depardieu

Richard Gere

George Clooney

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Daniel Craig and Steve Buscemi

Anthony Hopkins

Tom Hanks

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Matt Damon

Jack Black

Sean Connery

Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley

Woody Harrelson

Willem Dafoe

Nicolas Cage

8 thoughts on “What Male Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Female?”

  1. The thing that strikes me is they look like ordinary women, they don’t look like Hollywood women. It really highlights the difference between how men and women in Hollywood are allowed to age. Men can have wrinkles, crepey necks, saggy chins,, put on weight, but women can’t as they would be unemployable

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