9 thoughts on “People Share Really Dumb Epiphanies They’ve Had In Life”

  1. Sadly, ‘tag’ was played in the British Isles way before people were generally literate. You ‘tag’ something/one to mark it, which is why you have ‘tags’ on clothes, etc.

  2. It wasn’t until late in high school that I realized the word “ingenuity” meant “very smart/brilliant”. Up until then I actually thought it meant “smart, like an ‘Injun’ (Native American)”. Yup. Me heap big ignoramus. *sigh*

  3. My Neice grew up wondering how was it possible that Alaska’s Eastern coastline was so straight….Also thought Alaska was an island.

  4. Ignorance is rife and that “tag” thing is BS as is the chicken crossing the road interpretation.

  5. ima be so mad if none of yall know the truth about the ring around the rosie song

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