28 thoughts on “Bad Face Tattoos: Permanent Reminder Of a Failure”

  1. If I remember correctly, the woman with the stars claimed she only wanted one star, but fell asleep. I wonder if she got her money back.

  2. If you can sleep through getting a face tattoo you probably was on some controlled substance.

  3. Yeah she claimed that but later admitted she lied because her father got mad. She’s had them removed now.

  4. Worst face tatt I’ve ever seen was a young teen (~13, perhaps younger) skinhead with swastikas tattooed all over his forehead. The people with dumb face tatts are usually just stupid, this kid was just failed by parents/society/associates/etc.

  5. It seems odd that so many of these look like mugshots.

    Wait, did I say “odd”? I meant “predictable”.

  6. Who in their right mind would tatto a 13-year old?!?!? I mean someone that tattos a swastika probably isn’t in their right mind, but still????

  7. I love these. These people are giving the world — potential employers, loan officers, judges, etc. — a clear, concise and accurate summary of their character and decision-making skills. If only every shitheel came with such warnings.

  8. It’s Trump’s fault I can’t get a six figure job selling commercial insurance!

    A tattoo on your face should disqualify you for government assistance. Not to worry though, most would get by with the loophole of being in jail.

  9. What was that guy thinking? “you know what is a good idea? Putting a Fox News tattoo right smack in the middle of my cheek!”

  10. I don’t believe anyone should be disqualified for anything because they did something stupid to their face. They are going to automatically be out of the running for many things in life. Leave them alone and let Karma take care of it.

  11. I don’t care about the tattoos. It’s sad, seeing what stupid people do with this trend of getting inked. I just want to know where they live, so I can make sure NOT to live near them. These ppl DUMB, they literally wrote “I’m an idiot” on their face!

  12. C’est simplement effrayant de voir à quel point ces gens peuvent être stupides. Cela dit, les tatouages “normaux”, ce n’est guère mieux…Décadence, triste…

  13. It is obvious that these ladies and gentlemen thought long and hard over the artwork that was about to be applied to their faces. Oh, sorry. That’s what everyone else but these people do. Face tattoos are bad enough but, if you are going to go there, make it pop, not fizzle!

  14. Face tattoos combined with tons of facial piercings = total doofus tard trying way too hard to be cool. Doesn’t work, pal, we can all see the real you.

  15. Guy needed some parental advisory.

    But he’s super “twisted” as it says below so he probably wouldn’t have complied with advisory. He’s twisteddddd and spooky.

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