Tired of Negative News, Man Tweets Positive Things That Happened This Year

Twitter user Jacob Atkins decided to compile a list of some of the great things we accomplished this year, positive and genuinely interesting achievements that you would struggle to locate in a news update dominated by bad news because you now… bad news sells.


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  1. Rusty Fox November 26, 2018

    Small correction – 27% isn’t the increase in bee populations. It refers to the decrease of 27% in the number of cases of Colony Collapse disorder. The increase in bee colony numbers is only 3%, but set to continue rising. Still really great news though.

    It’s so good to see such positive news stories! Quite impressed by Amazon’s contribution for homeless people – congratulations to them! Same with Lexington, Kentucky – a very good move, and kudos to the authorities who made this possible.

    All the rest are great too. So the big congratulations go to Jacob Atkins for compiling this good news!

  2. He Who Must Not Be Named September 19, 2019


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