12 thoughts on “Stupid Chinese Character Tattoos That Make No Sense”

  1. Knowing absolutely nothing about Chinese characters, I still call b.s. on at least some of these translations because of the way the syllables are broken up and/or hyphenated. I do not think that’s how Chinese writing works. :-/

  2. Seriously? Knowing absolutely nothing, yet you call bullshit? Wow. Bold comes the opinion from ignorance…

  3. don’t listen to any of them i can tattoo you “bold shit” on your forehead if you want one it will be in Chinese so no one will know :)

  4. Ummm…. My mother toune is Chinese and I can tell u guys that some of them aren’t Chinese instead of Japanese……

  5. Jiang What means this word “toune” ? Zhūròu zhīfáng chǎofàn 豬肉脂肪炒飯 Thank you sirs, Your skin is good for menu items, Chinese morphemes are monosyllabic and are written with a single character. Japan stole the characters from us Chinese. I think we wear shirts in China with English words on them that make us look very dumb also so we are even. Ha Ha

  6. 我慢 (がまん, pronounced ‘gaman’, with the last syllable stressed) is indeed Japanese and means ‘endurance’, ‘self-control’, ‘patience’, and so on.

  7. The “I dont eat meat but I bite” (its unfair to say “me bite” since “me” and “I” are both said “wo” in Chinese) actually makes perfect sense.
    Notice the number “88”?
    Thats neo Nazi short hand for Heil Hitler, since H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.

    Hitler was also a vegetarian.

    He didnt eat meat.
    But he was very violent.

    Note, modern vegetarianism started in the 1800s as a progressive movement. Vegetarians then were also almost always abolitionists and feminists.

    By the early 1900s, the eugenics movement (they were concerned with racial purity) picked up vegetarianism for their own health and to better their genes. So its not wild that Hitler would be a vegetarian.

    3rd wave vegetarianism was about animal welfare.

    4th wave vegetarianism is more against factory farming or even global warming since meat production is one of the largest sources of green house gas.

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