25 thoughts on “Proof That Eels Are The Cutest Animals Ever”

  1. @I. Knowbetterthanu

    From Wikipedia

    “Moray eels, or Muraenidae (/ˈmɒreɪ, məˈreɪ/), are a family of eels whose members are found worldwide. There are approximately 200 species in 15 genera which are almost exclusively marine, but several species are regularly seen in brackish water, and a few are found in fresh water.”

    Notice how they are called eels.

  2. Yes, we do need to save the water and the sea creatures. Humans are not the only species that matters, you know. We are affecting them in a bad way by not recycling and letting unnatural material into the ocean.

  3. So cute I could hug one and reminds me of pennywise and it’s so…
    It Looks like ur mother


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