Cats Taking Selfies

It has to happen sooner or later. And it has finally happened. As you can see from the pictures below, cats have finally developed opposable thumbs and learned to take selfies. Next step: taking over the world.

Stefdies: Woman Pretends To Be Dead All Over The World

When normal people visit famous landmarks, they commonly pull out their phones and snap a selfie to keep as a memory of being there. Artist Stephanie Leigh Rose does something different: she shoots anti-selfies of herself “dying” and the result is quite funny. She calls this series of photos “Stefdies”. The artist says that reactions … Read more

Russian Instagram Users Flock To a Toxic Power Plant’s Ash Dump Because Water Looks Like Maldives

Some time ago we featured Instagram Influencers In Chernobyl. Now we encourage you to Search the “ТЭЦ-5” location tag on Instagram, and you’ll be flooded with picturesque shots of bright blue water, couples taking their wedding photos, yoga poses and even a few people swimming in it. But the “Novosibirsk Maldives” isn’t a luxurious oasis, … Read more