Hard Truths From Baby Animals

Avoid the messy confrontations that accompany delivering hard truths personally and let one of these cute baby animals deliver the devastating message for you.

78 thoughts on “Hard Truths From Baby Animals”

  1. pictures are really cute but first one really made ma think. First one is not really true there are a lot of people from history that are 2000 years old and we remember about them. Sill it is cute.

  2. …the one where you dont know what loved one really think about you….made me think about why im alive……

  3. This is not healthy for you guys.
    You shouldn’t think yourselves in this way.
    I am sure you are all nice and if people think about you in this way then don’t listen to them.
    If your thoughts tell you this then don’t listen to them.

  4. I still think you should be proud of what you have done even though people are mean, you should put the past behind you don’t be scared you can do whatever you want.

  5. In sorry, but I’m about to deliver another hard truth. Whoever made this probably finds happiness in making people sad.

  6. These really made me think that humans are cheaters and because of them the environment is getting worse and worse. I think it was better if the humans did not come on the planet only!!!

  7. you shod not think like this if people don’t like you, you don’t have to care and if this is about you pets I will never for get my dog Dakota he was a rear white German Shepherd. Why is this even under baby animals any way.

  8. this is my preview of my book please give thums up if you like it My name is Rex well that is what the big two feet call me. I live with my mom,dad,and my brothers and sisters.It was a simple life before I could see but when I opened my eyes one day there was so much to explore like fluffy things that ran up trees and and my siblings!!! My sister jumped on me again,there was no ESCAPE from them!! I also found out we were not the only puppies there there was Bernese my favorite was Flow, we would talk at the fence. I wish I could play with Flow but the big fence was in the way. I tried to break that fence so many times but it did not even dent. Then one day a two feet tack all the Bernese even flow but they left their mom. I thought they are crazy, I braked and howled but the two leg walked away! I sat there at the fence where I last saw Flow until the two legs opened the fence on one side I ran to the door but the two legs pushed me they put in sum clumpy brown stuff. I was the first to eat one my brothers and sisters watched. When I had another piece they ran over and started to chow with me. We went to bed I slept near the fence where I last saw Flow I missed her. PS, I am 11 :)

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