Awkward Instagram Beauty Trend: Christmas Tree Eyebrows

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time for another stupid eyebrow trend. This time people all over Instagram are coming together to turn their eyebrows into Christmas trees. Scroll down to see the most glorious examples!

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows: yes or no?

Awkward Christmas tree eyebrows.

Even guys like festive eyebrows.

Has she gone too far with her Christmas tree eyebrows?

Christmas trees as eyebrows. Why not?

Resting bitchface + Christmas tree eyebrows = instant win.

Walking around like this? Why not.

Christmas tree eyebrows for the win.

DIY Christmas tree eyebrows.

Does she really think this looks good?

Is this the dumbest beauty trend ever or what?

Really festive eyebrows.

Weird Christmas tree eyebrows.

She really loves her Christmas tree eyebrows.

Don't you just love stupid Instagram beauty trends?

Really lazy Christmas tree eyebrows.

He looks so proud!

DIY Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows with presents.

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