Miserable Husbands Trapped In The Shopping Hell

If you’ve ever been married, you know the drill. They bring you shopping, saying they just have to get “that one thing”, only to leave you to wait for hours on end while holding all their things. This Instagram account is a tribute to those wretched souls who are stuck in the shopping hell. Scroll down to see the funniest examples.

The look of defeat.

Miserable husband trapped in the shopping hell.

Poor guy trapped in the shopping hell.

Miserable men stuck in the shopping hell.

Miserable man stuck in the shopping hell.

Poor guys trapped in the shopping hell.

Poor guy trapped in the shopping hell.

Totally defeated man.

Miserable husband trapped in the shopping hell.

Poor husbands trapped in the shopping hell.

Miserable husband stuck in shopping hell.

Poor guy stuck in the shopping hell.

A thousand mile stare.

Waiting patiently? Or crying?

Silent scream.

Men trapped in lingerie store.

He surrendered.

He can't take it anymore.

Exhausted husband trapped in the shopping hell.

Poor dude stuck in the shopping hell.

46 thoughts on “Miserable Husbands Trapped In The Shopping Hell”

  1. Some of these dudes would do well to get up and walk around a bit.

    The guys with smartphones are happier than they look. I can wait around forever so long as I have an LTS signal and some battery life.

  2. Look excited, choose something hideous and tell them would look great in it, insist they try it on. Especially in the underwear dept, choose a really skimpy number and be very loud. Point at a good looking customer, point, and say “I bet she’d look great in one of these”. Chances are you won’t be invited next time 😪

  3. And how many hours have their spouses waited for them to finish up their “quality time” in the bathroom?

  4. “Anonymous November 19, 2018
    Most of these look like miserable dads, not husbands”

    I’m willing to bet my pinky that this right there ^^ is a woman commenting.

  5. These people are there because they love their wives and try too support them… It is sad to see how unkind and abusive are these comments

  6. seems my stripey-shirted dude in the second-to-last pic is def having a heart attack on that dirty goodwill couch. let’s ask the boys of pic 16 who has a charged phone battery, we need to call an ambulance

  7. I thought the guy leaning against the door checking out the chick outside looks a little like Al Bundy.

  8. That comment about “miserable dads vs miserable husbands” is just stupid as hell. Typically dads ARE husbands to someone.

  9. Looks like the perfect breeding ground for future serial killers and to be honest, who could blame them.

  10. YUP bendit… anon of nov 20th is sooooo right. My hubby loves me cuz I hate to shop as much as he does… HOWEVER when I have to go shopping he enjoys going with me, cuz he knows his opinion is the only one I need… And igetdraggedshopping… THANKS! cuz NO SH*$!!!! This is to be amusing and give someone a giggle. It’s not meant to be a serious forum on societal norms for pete’s sake!

  11. With a few exceptions, the guys are sitting in chairs provided by the stores. I have often wished that Lowe’s and Home Depot would set up an area with their rocking chairs and a few magazines for the wives. Miserable looking at bolts and plumbing tools.

  12. This article seems to suggest that men have been violated by their partners. When there’s love in the relationship little sacrifice such as this should not be an issue.

  13. > Most of these look like miserable dads, not husbands.<

    Curiously, when mapped as a Venn diagram, there is a significant intersection between the two sets.

  14. I love these pics! Just showed that wives shop longer! Men end up waiting- and try to find a comfy place!

  15. Don’t go! Don’t let your partner drag you into that hideous place. Drop them off and pick them up later when they text that they are finally finished and everyone will be better off :D

  16. most any woman you meet will tell you they’re an empath (they have theory of mind – who knew this was a super power?) if you don’t run away fast enough. Yet the man they love can rot on chair being miserable for hours. Go figure. At least the men are kind enough to be tricked into going to begin with.

  17. I solved this problem (partly): after about 5 years in, I said I would go along but I got to pick something out that she had to try on; after about 10 years in I had a different solution: I said say she could shop all she wanted, but she had to hold her own things. She could only hold and carry so much, and it made her tired, so instead of 3 hours shopping, it was 30 minutes. And sometimes I would tell her I was going to a nearby store that had something interesting to me, and she would have to come get me.

  18. Good FSM, y’all are taking this a bit too seriously don’t you think? Men, if you don’t want to go, don’t go. As a woman, not only do I despise shopping, I hated it more when my partner was with me. Sit back, have a giggle, and go to sleep on an Ikea couch…IF YOU CAN!!! (those things are terrible!)

  19. The second to the last one looks like my daughter’s father-in-law, which it could be, since it looks to be a second hand store, which, I’m pretty sure is the only place the mother-in-law shops.

  20. As a female, the last person I’d want to bring shopping with me is my husband or even boyfriend. At worst since I don’t drive, its give me the mula and I’ll go by myself or with a female friend and/or drop me off and pick me up a hours later (depending where you live) and that’s it. I wouldn’t really want to go shopping with him either unless he has the worst taste in the world and I’ll still have to think about it.

  21. Those husbands wind up in my book store getting some great coffee in the coffee shop and occasionally buying a book of interest to them or browsing the copies of Penthouse. But yes it’s funny

  22. reminded me of my childhood, going shopping with my mom… ;-)
    but in those days there were no mobiles, not to speak of smartphones or tablets, only those primitive B&W-LCD-games (not rechargable, so battery was quickly low and you couldn’t read the display anymore…)
    BUT: I loved my mom and still do so… it’s a training for later in life the loved one deserve our dedication in any form!

  23. I remember reading a book called “Scruples” ages ago. Scruples was a super-high-end clothing boutique (IIRC) which had a floor just for men to hang out while their women were shopping. I thought it was brilliant!

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